Parent Code of Little League Conduct

Updated Friday May 6, 2016 by Steve Verreault.

To all Parents, Extended Families, Friends and Fans of Scarborough Little League,


Please find attached our parents code of conduct that should be read and followed. While we do not make our parents sign these documents we do have an expectation that they understand and accept their responsibility of being a role model for children. This  by no means is sent as a warning, but it is sent as  a reminder  that no one is perfect or not expected to make mistakes. It simply means we have an adopted standard of behavior and conduct when in the midst of Little League players and coaches at our facilities, or with any of our volunteers, be it umpires or general helpers. This is just a reminder of what is, the standard for acceptable conduct.


We have an expectation that our parents are just as eager to have fun, be enthusiastic, and it may get sometimes intense, and emotionally charged, but always they shall be positive, tasteful, never erupting in anger, or being of rude or threatening behavior. While this may be self evident, we sometimes forget, or have somethings slip, or we temporarily lose our temper. So we all need to be cognoscente of our  words, attitude, and behavior at all times, especially around Little League children and their siblings.


When, or if, you have a disagreement with a coach, or volunteer, please follow the code of conduct expectations for a safe place to discuss away from the players. And finally remember we are all volunteers doing our best, so be polite in critical assessment of a persons performance. Umpires should never be challenged over a call, harassed, threatened by, and/or engaged in manner of physical contact by anyone, ever!


If we all act in a civil and respectful manner, we will set good examples of respectful behavior and sportsmanship to our children. There is never a time to be aggressive, hurtful, or harmful. Please review, accept, and always act in a responsible, friendly manner as we all strive to in every other forum, and the experience will be rewarding and fun.  Little Leagues does not want to be put in a position to have to take formal disciplinary action against any players or spectators, but will do so if warranted to ensure the players, umpires, coaches, spectators, and volunteers have a safe and enjoyable experience.


We do this all for our children, and for the future of the games of baseball and softball. 


Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.



James Seymour, President

Scarborough Little League 


SLL Parent Contract.pdf